Electronic Device Policy

Electronic Device Policy


P.S. 3 students may bring cell phones, computing devices, and portable music and entertainment systems to school, but they may not be turned on or used anywhere inside the building.  Any phone that is visible or turned on inside the building will be in violation of this policy.


Before bringing these items to school, families must first submit this signed contract indicating that they are aware of these conditions for bringing in devices.  Any cell phones or electronic devices brought into the building without first having a signed letter on file with the office will be confiscated and only returned to the parent/guardian.


Please note, students who use cell phones, computing devices or portable music and entertainment systems in violation of the DOE’s Discipline Code, P.S. 3’s policy, and/or the DOE’s Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy will be subject to discipline in accordance with the guidance interventions and disciplinary responses set forth in the Discipline Code of the New York City Department of Education.


If a cell phone, computing device, portable music or entertainment system is confiscated for violation of the policy, parents will be notified by phone, email, or text message.  The return of such items will be handled accordingly:


            1.         First offense – Students will be allowed to retrieve the confiscated item after 2:35pm from the Principal’s office.  In addition, students will have to acknowledge that they

                        have violated school policy and standards.  Under no circumstances will items be returned prior to 2:35pm.


            2.         Second offense – Confiscated items will be returned to parents on Monday or Tuesday afternoons from 2:35-4:00 pm.  Parents will have to acknowledge that their child has                         violated school policy and standards.  Exceptions to this policy can only be granted by Principal Beecher or Assistant Principal Legere.


            3.         Third offense – See “Second offense.”  In addition, students will now be required to surrender items to the Principal upon entry into the building for a period of at least    15 days.


            4.         Final offense – See “Second offense.”  In addition, students will have surrendered the right to bring items covered by this policy into the school building for the                             remainder of the school year.


Please note that the school does not assume any liability for lost, stolen or confiscated items.


Please be aware that we strongly encourage families to consider the many reasons why bringing cell phones and electronic devices to school is not always a good idea.  Our preference remains that students refrain from bringing these items because they can be distracting to the education mission and increase the possibility of your child being a victim of a crime.


That said, we respect the rights of families to make these important decisions and look forward to implementing a policy that balances the needs of families, students and teachers.


Based on past experience, we will make any necessary revisions to this policy as the 2015-2016 school year commences.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to the Principal at (718) 622-2960.