Principal’s Message:    

September 9, 2015


Dear Parent/Guardian:

It is my pleasure to welcome you back to The Bedford Village School/P.S. 3.  We trust that you and your family have enjoyed a good summer vacation.  I have had the privilege of serving as principal for seventeen years.  I am delighted to share with you some of our rich history, as well as our current and ongoing efforts to build upon this school's distinguished legacy and its many unique qualities and attributes. We offer a balanced curriculum, highly qualified faculty, and unique community partnerships that have made P.S. 3 one of the great schools in our city.  We are anticipating an exciting and successful school year.

P.S. 3 is a warm and friendly environment where a commitment to academic excellence blends with an equally strong tradition of building  character, an appreciation of the arts, and the development of well-rounded young people who thrive on challenges and opportunities in all areas of life.  We offer opportunities to meet with your child’s teachers and discuss matters of concern.  Some of our more successful functions include Family Day, Day of the African Child and Carnival, held at the end of the school year.  We also look forward to the annual Back-to-School Barbeque Celebration scheduled for Saturday, September 26th.


Elementary school is a time of growth.  Please understand that workloads increase as children move through the grades.  As always, our focus will be on the development and enrichment of the whole child.  We will use a balanced approach to teach reading, math, science, social studies, technology, and the arts.  Your child will have a minimum of 120 minutes per day of literacy development and 90 minutes devoted to interactive math.


Notebooks and sharpened pencils are required for all students.  Your child’s teacher should be sending a list of required supplies for his or her class.  Uniforms are mandatory this year.  We elected to have navy blue skirts/pants and yellow blouses/shirts for students in grades Pre-Kindergarten-4.  Grade 5 students must wear a white top and black bottom.  There is no dress-down day.  Children are to wear their uniforms every school day.  Uniform requirements for trips will be determined by the classroom teacher.


Please note the following important points: 


·          ARRIVAL:   School begins at 8:15AM.  All students must be on time. If you are dropping off students in the morning, entry is either through the lunch room door or the main entrance on Jefferson Ave.  After 8:15 am the lunchroom door will be locked.  Entry will only be through the main entrance.


  • DISMISSAL:   Dismissal time is 2:35PM every day.  Grades 3, 4, and 5 will be dismissed from the Jefferson Avenue exit, nearest to Bedford Avenue.  Grades 1 and 2 will be dismissed from the Hancock Street exit, between the lunchroom and auditorium.  Pre-Kindergarten students are to be picked up in their classrooms.  Kindergarten students should be picked up in the auditorium.  Except for parents of Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students, all other parents must wait outside of the building.   All students must be picked up on time.  No one will be available to watch your child after 2:35PM.
  • ALARMS ON DOORS:  This year our doors are equipped with alarms. 


·         SCHOOL MEALS/LUNCH APPLICATIONS:   Every family will have to submit lunch applications this year. If you choose to provide lunch for your child, please send a healthy lunch (no junk food or glass bottles are allowed).  Breakfast is free for all and served daily from 7:30AM-8:00AM.  Please note that once your child enters the building for breakfast, he/she must remain inside until school personnel are on duty in the schoolyard.  Since the schoolyard is a large area, please speak to your child about playing safely and responding to adults who are in charge in the morning, at lunchtime and during dismissal.  Effective Friday, September 25th,  parents will not be allowed in the cafeteria during breakfast,


·         BLUE EMERGENCY CARDS:  Please make sure that we have a new blue card with your current contact information (address, telephone numbers, contact and pick up persons, medical alert, etc.).  Only people that you designate on the blue card will be allowed to pick up your child from school.  If your child doesn’t bring home this emergency card, please ask your child’s teacher to send you one.


  • PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FORM:  All students are required to have a physical examination every year.  This form must be completed and returned to school by September 30, 2015.


·         PARENT CONFERENCES:  Four Parent Conferences are scheduled this year:  September 17. 2015 November 5, 2015, March 3, 2016, and May 12, 2016.  Teachers will discuss areas of academic study, New York State Common Core State Standards, and curriculum-related activities and trips.  You will also get a Discipline Code, a Parent Handbook and a curriculum overview during the September conference.


·         MONTHLY CALENDAR:  At the beginning of each month a calendar with important information will be sent home with your child.  Please check your child’s backpack to make sure that you are receiving all school communications.


·         SCHOOLWEBSITE:  We will post school events and information on our website.Class webpages will include homework assignments and important announcements, as well as class news.  Please check the website regularly since it is updated often. 


·         APPOINTMENTS TO SPEAK TO SCHOOL PERSONNEL:  This year the Chancellor has designated Tuesdays, between 2:35PM and 3:50PM, for you to meet with teachers. You must schedule an appointment. Please call the school at (718) 622-2960 or send a note with your child to make this appointment.  For immediate help, our Parent Coordinator, Mrs. Harris and our Guidance Counselor, Ms. Mills.

will be available to assist you Monday through Friday.


·         AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS:  This year CAMBA, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit agency, will continue its after school program free of charge.  In addition, programs and activities will be scheduled on most weekdays when the school is closed.  Bright Star, a community-based organization, will continue to offer parents another after school option for a fee.  As additional after school programs become available, parents will be notified.  A hot meal will be served to all students participating in after school programs.


·          ELECTRONIC DEVICES:  Cell phones are allowed in school. Please read the attached Electronic Device Policy.


Thanks to a generous grant, this year we will be continuing as a The Leader in Me implementation school to develop student, staff and parent leadership skills.  We have also received a grant from Sanford Harmony Program   Foundation to further support collaboration and leadership skills.  Additionally, we have expanded our French/English Dual Language Program to include first grade.  We expect to grow it every year until we have a K-5 program.     


We have met the requirements to no longer be designated as a Focus School because our students have continued to make gains in ELA for the past three years.  However, since District 13, in which we’re located, continues to be a Focus District and has not met the removal criteria, we were not removed from Focus status until our District has made similar gains. 


We look forward to working with you as partners in your child’s education.  In doing so, we can have a productive school year and ensure that our students are college and career ready.

Kristina Beecher

Kristina Beecher, Principal

Our Heritage is one of greatness and I know that I can do more!  I must never ever do less than those who have gone before!

Title 1 Meeting 
October 20, 2015
Reflex Math
An interactive online simulations for math
Students at PS 3 are using Reflex Math They have their own personal account.  Just logon Student Account. Students can logon at home too!

Teach Leadership at Home



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The Sanford Harmony program is designed to make a difference in how Pre-K through 6th grade students think Sanford Harmonyabout and treat each other.