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My heritage is one of greatness and I know that I can do more!  I must never ever do less than those who have gone before!
P.S. 3 Model High Quality Preschool Classrooms
Principal Beecher, who has led P.S. 3 in the Bedford Village neighborhood of Brooklyn for 17 years, and her five preschool teachers came to be staring at never-ending lists of play blocks. Back on the first floor of P.S. 3, in a classroom stocked with a variety of blocks, teacher Lauren Kendall was preparing to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to her 4-year-old students.
Teachers at P.S. 3 in Brooklyn bought several kinds of blocks. 
                                                                                                                              Lauren Kendall, a preschool teacher at P.S. 3 in Brooklyn, 
                                                                                                                               listens as student Mckenzie Lampkin explains her painting. 
An interactive online simulations for math
Students at PS 3 are using Reflex Math They have their own personal account.  Just logon Student Account. Students can logon at home too!

Teach Leadership at Home


Validate parent information and create an account

Students and families will be able to download Office 2016. There is no cost for up to five (5) downloads on their personal computers, Windows or Mac, up to five (5) tablets and up to five (5). Office for Mac 2016 and the Office 365 mobile apps available for Windows 10 tablets, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. All of these are part of Microsoft’s Office 365 Education offering and available to download.  How to get started downloading your free version of Office

Sanford Harmony
The Sanford Harmony program
designed to make a difference in how Pre-K through 6th grade students think about and treat each other.