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Message From The Principal

September 10, 2021
Dear Parents/ Guardians:
As we approach the start of another school year, this one feels different and filled with emotions of all kinds - excitement, fear, and a desire for what we all once knew as normal. Once again, for the first time in a year and a half, all staff will be back in person, students will fill the hallways, and hopefully themselves with knowledge, curiosity, comradery, and a sigh of relief to be “back.”
I am thankful to be in partnership with you. I am grateful that you took on the role of teacher last year. I will need you to continue this role and support will be provided to this end. I am hopeful that all adults helping to nurture these young minds realize what a valuable role SEL (Social Emotional Learning) plays as we re-engage and reimagine what school will look and feel like. Thank you to all the families who joined me on September 6th on the Zoom meeting.
To protect our youngest population, who are currently ineligible for vaccines, all the people who surround them must be vaccinated. Everyone is expected to wear masks.
Students have missed a lot of schooling; let us make sure that if they are well, they come to school every day and on time (before 8:15 am).
All families must complete and show the Health Screening before entering the building. You may download the app onto your phone (make sure you take your temperature before completing it). We will be giving out thermometers. Another option is to fill out the paper screening and take your temperature on the premises. Each family will also be asked to fill out permission for bi-weekly Covid testing.
We will be using Google classroom and students are required to bring their DOE devices (not personal ones) to school.
The doors will be open for students at 7:45 am daily (front entry with school safety).
3K and Pre-K - entrance by Pre-K yard on Hancock St. near Franklin Avenue
Grades K–2 - entrance in the Pre-K yard
Grades 3-5 - big yard
3K and Pre-K - exit by Pre-K yard.
Grade K - exit in the front on Jefferson Avenue, close to Franklin Avenue
Grades 1 and 2 - Exit by the main entrance on Jefferson Avenue
Grades 3, 4 and 5 - Exit on Jefferson close to Bedford Avenue
LUNCH: Two lunch periods
11:10 am- grades 3K-1st grade will eat in their room
11:10 am- Grades 2 and 4 eat in lunchroom
12 pm - Grades 3 and 5 eat in lunchroom
HOUSEKEEPING: School Uniforms
3K-4th grades: yellow top and blue bottom
5th grade: white top and black bottom
INSTRUCTIONAL DAY: 8:15 am – 2:35 pm
LUNCH APPLICATIONS: May be done online or in paper form; one per family
BLUE EMERGENCY CONTACT FORM- Please complete and return to school.
CAMBA: K-5th grade (FREE).
Bright Star: 3K–5th grades there is a fee.
Mondays are strategically set up for Professional Development for staff.
Tuesdays are set aside for Parent Engagement.
You will be getting a parent handbook with all the information needed.
There is a Back-to-school celebration on September 18th in person. We will stagger the grades and adhere to social distancing.
Meet and Greet is set up for Tuesday, September 21st.
Communication is the key. Please check the website (; ClassDojo); call the school to speak to Ms. Harris (Parent Coordinator); or Secretaries (Ms. Johnson or Ms. Williford); or email me ([email protected]). Please be patient and know that Information is ever changing and at minutes notice. We will make every effort to share information as soon as possible.
Together we can support every child, socially, emotionally, and academically to have a successful year.
Kristina Beecher 

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