CAMBA Elite Afterschool Program at P.S. 3

      CAMBA Elite After-School Program


50 Jefferson Ave., Brooklyn NY 11216

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Charmaine Noel                                                                                             Casiyeta Alexander

Site Director                                                                                                    Assistant Director

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October 8, 2021




To Whom It May Concern,


I am writing on behalf of families with children enrolled in the CAMBA Elite Afterschool Program at P.S. 3.  Due to staff shortages, made more challenging by the recent vaccine mandate in DOE public schools, we are currently only able to start a limited number of students in our program. As such, some students, though enrolled, are not yet able to attend. We are actively recruiting and onboarding new staff and will start students in the program on a rolling basis as staff are hired and slots become available.


We are eager to serve all students enrolled in our program, and will start them as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding. Please reach out to Ms. Cassie or myself with any further questions.